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Aesha Waks (currently Ms. New York Woman of Achievement) has been a seasoned, working actress for the past 25 years. Her first award was Best Actress at the French Avignon Film Festival for her role of Rayna in The Money Shot and second, noted as People's Choice Best Actress at the Olympia Film Fest, this was for her role of Gena in Arresting Gena. Arresting Gena was also noted as Film With Most Buzz at Sundance Film Festival. Aesha has starred alongside some of the greats such as Sam Rockwell, Adrian Grenier, Stephen Lang and John Cryer. She continues to play noted roles such as in Fox TV’s Gotham. Aesha studied at the world-renowned Strasberg, Esper, UCB and was part of Phillip Seymor’s theatre company CentreStage. Aesha has developed the website where she expands her talents and past acting into other areas that she has thrived in.
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